one day with the medtech and the chef.

one day with the medtech and the chef.

one rainy afternoon, not the best time for a photographer to shoot but these two guys just made my one work day perfect!

… not just because we are shooting pastries, cakes and everything sweet but Jayson and Chef Hasset just brightens my day.period.

Young and successful entrepreneurs, Jayson Paul Carlos & Chef Hasset Go, Medchef

i instructed them to take a bite of their creation..and they readily obliged, not only a bite but big bites! 🙂

Jayson being busy and stuff doesn’t get so much portfolio photos unlike Chef Hasset..

so we are just excited to make this his first appearance in my book! way to go Jayson ,

now maybe on top of your business ventures you can start adding “celebrity portfolio”as an option! whoa!

the famous bread pudding crème brûlée and see how Chef brûlée it…

Geez, Hasset, after tons of cans and cans of the butane..

they might as well get you as their endorser already,,and everyone say Amen! haha!

a break, thanks for the sparkling drink and another dose of sugar ,

their best seller  “Pastry Tower” it did hyped up the photographer ..

a three-tiered home made strawberry shortcake ready  for delivery…

Happy Birthday,Eunice! whoever you are i know you did enjoyed your yummy cake!

finally, on the our last set of the shoot..was the most awaited new business venture of Chef Hasset..

i wont spoil the launching of his new i wont giveaway details…

but they are really same way amazing and to die  for !! and im eating the cheesecake variant as i write this.. 🙂

for those who didn’t knew, Medchef is headed by a Medtech Jayson  Paul Carlos and a pastry Chef Hasset Go,

hence coming up with the name Medchef .

for more of them please drop by or to your nearest food bazaars..

139 Mother Ignacia Ave.,, 1128 Quezon City, Philippines

much love, wella 🙂

PS. a rare public appearance of the Hasset’s dog, Beethoven..such a cutie 🙂

the photographer with the Chef … Jayson is MIA! haha!

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  2. Pingback: Recent Posts: « wella fan photo studio.Inc | Photo Blog

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