the ‘pre”-prenuptial shoot

the “pre” pre-nuptial shoot.

Samantha and Brian

Manila Ocean Park, Roxas Boulevard

Photography by Wella Fan


I always feel so excited and happy for newly engage couples.specially when they are friends ive known

for a long while..i am so inspired by their stories and even more excited about details..

how God orchestrated their love story, who they met, the proposal, and wedding details..

 maybe because im a girl, maybe my work involves weddings,or maybe becoz im just

closet romantic that i am..or just in love with love..

Sam, ive known her and remember her clearly as an anime girl way back from

the time we worked together from few years back..why anime? she loves playing Ragnarok!

those online games and stuff.. and she’s just always cheerful..

 and Brian, well, he is already reserved, quiet type as he is from when i met him until i met them now!

so one morning, i received a text message from Sam asking if i know how to shoot 3D art works..

and of course i said yes!to cut the long story short, the 3 of us went on a fun shoot at

Manila Ocean Park, Trick Art Gallery..all fun and light! and tricky!!

but there is no trick for the love of these to amazing and God-fearing individual with each other..

its all genuine!..

later that day they revealed to me their plans of getting married! Finally!Im just so blessed to know

that after all these years,they ended up in each others arms.. so there,

marking my 12-12-12 in my calendar!

here is just a fun time with the couple.. no official photo shoot and now i call the “pre” pre-nuptial shoot

with Sam and Brian.. 🙂


more photos coming up soon..

 note : Few days after our shoot. Brian and Sam officially closed the deal! as Brian proposed to Sam

and now they are officially engaged! 🙂 Sam, i wanna see the ring!

much love and joy, wella


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