Michael and Marielle Manahan

Michael and Marielle Manahan

Unreleased Engagement Photos
Club Manor

Eastwood City

During the long weekend. i had the chance to do some cleaning up in my hard drives..when i came across these unreleased engagement photos of

two amazing people in my life..my church kuya Michael Manahan and now his wife, my beautiful small group leader, Marielle de guzman-Manahan.

and  i should say, she is now carrying a beautiful blessing named Brooke who will soon be breathing the beautiful Christian life..

(tita wella cant wait to see you darling!) 🙂

with so much engagement photos then, i didnt have the chance to really looked into all these.. so there, im releasing shots for inspirations,

for refreshing my ideas and just dwell on the beautiful thing God created called LOVE..always and it never fail that these couple inspires me in

every way..I am grateful.. i love you both! 🙂

special thanks to Noelle Manahan for the gorgeous make up. to Bingo Manahan for allowing us to shoot all over your bar and for mike ching,

my co photographer.

please enjoy! much love and joy, Wella


enjoy more photos in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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