About Her

Wella Fan,28, from the Philippines was born as Wella Rose Cruz Fan to a Cebuana mother and a half Chinese,half Filipino father. Better known as just plain Wella Fan to many, she is third in the brood of six and is an Early Childhood Education major from Philippine Normal University,Manila. and Saint Paul College-Manila

Arts and crafts and everything visual has been her growing hobby since she was a kid.. and music is also one of her first love.Wella juggled between working full time in the call center industry (2003-2010) for seven years and playing in an acoustic band (2003-2007)..but have always dreamed of owning a professional camera simply to start a photo blog.

Her perseverance paid off when she finally was able to acquire her first Canon camera. She started joining photography forums and clubs such as Philippine Solidarity Network,Canon Photography Club,etc. Later on, met a group of individuals who are fond of traveling and as well. This became her training ground to wander in and out of the country and photographing beautiful things and places around her,

Later on, in 2008 Wella’s talent was noticed and she made her first earning in a destination wedding in Baguio as a second shooter.This paved way for her to honed her talent in wedding photography,Finally, this romantic-at-heart was able to find that spot in the photography industry that she is passionate about,well, besides food photography.

This woman never had formal training in photography.She is self-taught, and is open to learning from fellow peers.

Included in her list of clients are tV5 Network,Mini Stop,LG Electronics,FAMAS Awards,Healthway,Alana Clothing,
MEDCHEF Cakes and Pastries,Philippine Breast Cancer Society., etc. just to name a few. She is also a volunteer photographer in her local church,Victory Christian fellowship,Galleria under the Communications Ministry.

In August 2010,with God’s direction, Wella finally took that big jump of faith to quit her high-paying call center job in exchange to her ultimate passion,.to take photos..

it wasnt an easy to road to take but she is willing to take her chances while she is still young..either ways, she believes that if this will not work out she can always go back to working in a corporate environment..and she prays that it wont happen soon.

And just like any business, she too went through a lot of mistakes. Wella is being pruned by God in this journey.. and she is learning the trade slowly ,one day at a time..

Now, Wella have more than 20 weddings in a year, a handful of events, fashion shoot,debuts and birthday parties in her belt..so far so good for starters like her.. it definitely has been a whirl wind romance to continue to have faith that she will be blessed by God in this career that she choose..

And as she turns one year old as a full time photographer , Wella will be forever grateful for this chance that was given to her.. for the Al Mighty powerful living God for the talent, for her family and friends for their undying support and for her business partners ,affiliates and clients who understands her shortcomings in the business.

Wella is currently working full time at her home office/studio in Manila Philippines. She,too ,dreams of having her own wedding someday soon (yes,she is single! and happy..) but for now, she will enjoy taking beautiful digital arts for all the brides and grooms out there.


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